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May 22, 2013

Dragon Ball Battle of Gods Full Movie (Free Download)

Uis wakes Birus, the God of Destruction (破壊神ビルス Hakaishin Birusu?), from his long slumber and tells him that Freeza was defeated by a Saiyan. Uis continues showing scenes of Goku's past, until Birus interrupts him and tells him he has seen enough. 39 years prior, the Oracle Fish foretold that a mighty opponent would appear before Birus, the Super Saiyan God. Birus, with Uis, then tracks down the warrior who defeated Freeza, Goku. On Kaiō-sama's p
lanet, Birus proceeds to challenge Goku, who is ecstatic over the new challenge but he is overwhelmed and defeated. Disappointed by the subsequent lack of challenge, Birus departs in order to seek out more powerful adversaries on Earth.

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